Voodoo Liner® Sinister Seal 1lt

Voodoo Liner® Sinister Seal 1lt


Product Info
  • Water based
  • Milky white, low viscosity appearance
  • Odour free and VOC free
  • Designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest weather conditions
  • Enhances matte textured bedliner coating appearance with a semi-gloss ‘wetlook’ finish
  • Provides added protection against stains and soiling
  • Suitable for over coating Voodoo liner bedliner coatings
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray
  • Quick drying
  • Hard-shell film curing
  • Increases life and cleaning ability of textured bedliner coating surfaces
Voodoo Liner® Sinister Seal is a semi gloss sealer designed to be applied directly over Voodoo Liner bedliner coatings. Voodoo liner® Sinister Seal is water based, odour free, long lasting, and ideal for enhancing depth of colour whilst providing added water proofing and semi-gloss finish to your project. Being water based Sinister Seal can be applied to both interior and exterior by brush, roller or spray gun.

When using spray application, its recommended to us a gravity feed spray gun, or if using direct from Voodoo Liner bladder pouches, connect with our patented connector to an adjustable tip underbody spray gun for uniform controlled spray application. Voodoo Liner® Sinister Seal is a film building product, so controlled application for uniform even finish is highly recommended.

Download Voodoo Liner Sinister Seal Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)


  • 1 ltr: 12 SQM per ltr, designed as a minimum two coat process. Each coat must be touch dry between coats. 

Curing time:

  • Standard curing time per coat: Depending on relative weather conditions, touch dry in 30 minutes, recoat able 1 hour. Must not be applied below 12c or if temperatures are likely to drop below 12c within two hours after application. full curing 24 hours. Do not apply above 30c


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