What is Voodoo Liner?


Voodoo Liner® RX is NOT a Private Label nor Re-branded product, Voodoo liner® RX is 100% independent, in-house proprietary technology developed by industry professionals with over 30 years experience.

Unlike hazardous products on the market, Voodoo Liner® RX proprietary in-house chemistry, provides a warehouse direct range of user and eco-friendly products.

Utilizing Green Technology. Voodoo Liner® RX proprietary formulation incorporates Recycled Particles for a Scary tough super-easily applied textured non-slip finish. Supplied ready to use, available in 10 standard colours, Voodoo Liner® simplicity means any DIY warrior can apply Voodoo Liner®, without all the hazardous chemicals or mixing components.

Applying Voodoo Liner® is simple on almost any surface including…Metal, Plastic, Alloy, Steel, Wood and Concrete. Just follow basic preparation steps before application and you’ll have a scary easy, supernaturally cool looking textured Non-Slip finish every time.