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We’re looking for international networking partners.

Possible region exclusivity available outside Australia.

  • Are you an established automotive equipment/product supplier in your region?
  • Do you have an established network of valued customers?
  • Are you looking for an exciting product with possible region exclusivity to add-on to your existing product line?
  • Are you interested selling an Eco & User friendly product made from recycled technology for marketing difference?
  • Are you open to possible basic local production of your own eco and user-friendly DIY, Auto, RV …..bedliner product?
  • Are you serious about building goodwill? benefiting from a product your business has or could owns rights too?

With 30+ years industry experience, establishing brands, distribution networks around the world, its very clear from experience…networking with industry aligned people with a simple philosophy of synergy, is a positive paths to success.

If you see business merit obtaining possible region exclusiveity of a Scary Easy DIY bedliner coating, or simply interested becoming a reseller in your region, we’d be interested in talking.

Drop us an email.

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