Voodoo Liner® RX 1lt

Voodoo Liner® RX 1lt

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  • Protects surfaces against dents, scratches, rust & corrosion
  • No mixing, no wastage, non toxic and non hazardous
  • Made using recycled tyre technology with no harsh chemicals
  • Ready to use, water based, single component technology
  • Perfect for styling your car grill, bonnet, bullbar, bumper or rims
  • UV & oil resistant
  • Sound damping
  • Build as thick as you want by application of multiple coats
  • It can be rolled, brushed or sprayed using the Voodoo liner ™ Spray Gun and an air compressor
  • Left over product can be stored and used for touch ups as there is no hardening catalyst
  • Easy re-sprayable at anytime.
With this order you’ll receive 1ltr cans with Free Australia or New Zealand delivery. (Spray gun not included.)

Voodoo liner™ is made from Low-VOC, water based, single component technology. NO Waste, NO Mixing. Spray-On, Brush or roll applications. Supplied Ready-To-Use. Voodoo liner™ vulcanizes rubber on almost any surface including: Metal, Concrete, Wood, Plastic and Asphalt – all cured in ambient air. No special equipment needed and clean up is scary easy using clean water. Environmentally and user friendly water based technology. Available in 10 super cool colours


  • 1 ltr: 4-6sqm in a single coat approx.
  • 4L: 16-24sqm in a single coat approx.
  • Minimum two coats for light to moderate abrasion resistance.
  • Minimum three coats for commercial use.

Curing time:

  • Standard curing time per coat: 1 hour from application or to touch dry
  • Full curing 72 hours after application
  • Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed (spraying requires minimum 3mm tip gun)
  • Voodoo Liner™ finish supplied product can NOT be watered down or tinted
  • Voodoo Liner™ can be over coated with any other water based or 2K paints

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  1. Stev

    Great product, better price than other products on market.

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