Voodoo Liner® Juju waterproofing Sealer 1lt Pouch Free Delivery

Voodoo Liner® Juju waterproofing Sealer 1lt Pouch Free Delivery


Product Info
  • Deep penetrating
  • Extremely high alkali resistance
  • Suitable for application to slightly damp substrates
  • Matt finish
  • Non-yellowing
  • Does not affect the surface colour or texture, rather enhances colour
  • Fast drying
  • Rapid development of water resistance
  • Low VOC
Juju seal is a scary cool water-proofing after sealer applied direct over Voodoo Liner® bedliner products for enhanced water-proofing, water beading and contamination barrier to your project.

Juju seal is a deep penetrating, water-based sealer, specially developed and designed to impart an added water repellence surface producing a water beading effect within a few hours. Voodoo Liner® JuJu Seal, will provide a natural matte clear seal finish enhancing surface colour with added water-proofing performance and greater contamination resistance for easier cleaning and maintenance of all textured surfaces.

Supplied in our Voodoo Liner® 1ltr pouch, simply roll, brush or spray-on.

When spraying it’s recommended to us a gravity feed spray gun, or if using direct from Voodoo Liner bladder pouches, connect our patented connector to an adjustable tip texture underbody spray gun for uniform controlled spray application.

Download Voodoo Liner JuJu Seal Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)


  • 1 ltr: Coming soon

Curing time:

  • Standard curing time per coat: Coming soon


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